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5 precise points to look for in the perfect PC

What drives you in the search for the perfect PC? Is it premium design and the high-end components? Or are you a performance person where nothing but the best specs will do? And what about price? Do you worry that you’ll have to sacrifice some of the things you want simply because they are too expensive?There are many things to consider when looking for the perfect PC but price and performance are not mutually exclusive. With today’s modern devices, you can have both. So start your search by focusing on the parameters below and you’ll find the perfect PC that fits your needs, and your budget, in no time.Modern designThis is where your tech really shines, thanks to the late ... [[READ MORE]]

3 steps to becoming a savvier online shopper

Every day, people use data to influence their decision making — from where to go for dinner, to selecting stocks in which they should invest, to where to live. Every Google search we perform, every Yelp review read or written, each item of clothing, houseware or electronic device we put in our virtual cart, is another data point companies can use to personalize our experience with their brands.Despite all the data at their disposal, it seems many brands still don’t fully understand what consumers want from them in terms of products or services or how to best engage with their end buyer. A recent survey from cloud and big data integration company Talend shows 88 percent of inform ... [[READ MORE]]

5 tips to keep your home secure from hackers

Times have changed. It’s no longer enough to protect your physical home, it’s also vital you stay safe from cybercrimes. It has become increasingly easier for criminals to gain access to financial accounts, email and even hack internet-connected devices in the home.The good news is that there are a handful of steps you can take to help defend your home from cyberattacks and lock down access to your personal information.1. Know your status. Before you can take steps to keep yourself safe from external threats, it’s important to understand your level of vulnerability. The website is a useful tool that searches more than 190 data breaches to see if your per ... [[READ MORE]]

5 ways to maximize your conference room and increase meeting creativity

Jul 9 2017

The average person spends about 35-50 percent of their time at work in conference rooms. Long, inefficient meetings can ...

5 eye health tips that are easy to visualize

Jun 27 2017

Writer Leigh Hunt once said, “The groundwork of all happiness is good health.” It’s a mantra you heed ...

5 ways businesses are turning old problems into new opportunities

Jun 26 2017

Today’s business environment is characterized by excitement as much as it is by anxiety. As new technologies are ...

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