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Refresh for wellness: Luxe bathroom upgrades breathe new life into dull, outdated spaces

Are you looking for a way to update your home that will make a positive change to your daily routine? Despite being the most highly trafficked area in the house and one that can greatly impact a home’s value, bathrooms are often left outdated. However, with high mortgage rates keeping homeowners in their current homes and remodeling combined with a new pandemic-fueled focus on hygiene in the home, the bathroom is emerging as a priority home refresh project. A bathroom is a place people spend time doing daily self-care, but recently bathrooms have also become personal escapes from the world’s distractions. Common ways to refresh your bathroom include repainting walls in a fresh hue, adding modern lighting, replacing outdated faucets, and swapping out lackluster showerheads. Homeowners can elevate their bathroom into a space of comfort and wellness with upgrades that blend the latest in design, technology and eco-friendly features. Which is why it is important not to forget the toilet. Updates… READ MORE

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