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Is electrical engineering a good career?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, careers in electrical engineering continue to be in high demand. Technology constantly changes and advances, which means trained electrical engineers who are skilled and agile will be needed to adapt to the needs of that ever-changing technology.What do electrical engineers do?Simply put, electrical engineers design, develop and test electrical equipment and systems. Their work ranges from managing the largest power grids to designing the smallest electrical components in cell phones."Electrical engineering is very broad, with many opportunities in integrated circuit design and manufacture, signal processing and machine learning, controls and robotics, telecommunication and antenna design, and electrical power generation and delivery," said Dr. David Allee, professor at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University.A few examples of the tasks involved in electrical engineering include creating algorithms to better process… READ MORE

Smartphones help farmers improve efficiency

A teen tapping away on a smartphone is a common sight in the United States, but seeing a farmer in the field doing the same thing might confuse the average person. Although hands-on farming and hands-on technology might seem like juxtaposing concepts, they are complementary ideas propelling growers into the future.“Without mobile communications, it would take longer and cost more to perform the tasks I do on the farm. There would be more face-to-face interactions, which create inefficiencies,” said Grant Morris, who owns and manages Schneider Farms in Pasco, Washington. He farms a total of 2,000 acres and produces grass seed, potatoes, sweet corn and peas for processing.Morris uses apps for many tasks: to view satellite imagery that helps detect crop problems, look up invoices, monitor equipment operations, check fuel levels, buy inputs, transfer data, manage application rates, peruse agronomic recommendations, review sampling and scouting information and more. Morris equips each of his… READ MORE

Charging an electric vehicle? Easier than you think

Electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation, offering a fun to drive alternative to traditional gas-fueled cars as well as lower maintenance costs. Almost every major automaker is introducing new electric models – from SUVs and trucks to sports cars and motorcycles – providing drivers with a variety of desirable options now, and even more in the near future.EVs are becoming so widely available that more than 500 different EV models will be available globally by 2022, according to estimates from Bloomberg New Energy Finance. That means potentially millions of new EV drivers will soon be saying goodbye to gas and hello to electric recharging.To support this growing need for EV recharging, significant investments are being made concerning charging stations, making it easier than ever to own an EV. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that more than 42,000 total EV charging station locations exist in the United States as of June 2021 – and the president has set a goal to reach… READ MORE

How You Can Help the Planet on Earth Day by Recycling Old Electronic Devices [Infographic]

Somewhere in your house, whether it’s a drawer or a box, there may be old phones or tablets next to a collection of pens that don’t work. Ever wonder how you can dispose of your old electronic devices in an eco-conscious way?In honor of Earth Day, UScellularTM encourages people to keep their old electronic devices and accessories out of landfills and is providing incentives to do so. Through UScellular’s Trade-In and Recycling programs, customers can get up to $500 when they trade in qualified smartphones online or in-store or easily recycle them at any UScellular location. READ MORE

3 Ways to Become a Better Person for Yourself and Others this New Year

Jan 22 2022

If self-growth is on your mind, what better time to start off than the dawn of a new year? Here are three tips to help ...

Launching Above the Clouds, Responsive Launch and Space Solutions Company Has Successful Mission Just Days After Going Public [Video]

Jan 20 2022

Sorry, but your browser does not support the video tag. var bptVideoPlayer = document.getElementById("bptVide ...

Three privacy questions to ask before buying a smart thermostat

Jan 19 2022

Smart home devices are everywhere. From smart speakers to kitchen appliances to thermostats, these devices are helping ...

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