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Five great uses for high-speed Internet in rural areas

June 18, 2011

It might seem to a lot of tech-hungry Americans who live in rural areas that advancements in technology are slow to reach them. This is evidenced by the fact that cable television providers seem to be crawling at a snail’s pace to supply service to remote areas. And the construction of cell towers is running at about the same speed. The good news is that this trend seems to be slowly changing thanks to some high-speed satellite Internet p ...

A 4-step plan for job search success using the Web

June 18, 2011

(ARA) - According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 4.5 applicants for every available job opening as of January 2011. Limited job options, stiff competition and new technological advances require job seekers to step up their game in order to stand apart from the crowd. In today’s tech savvy world, this includes not only updating your resume, but also using new online technologies to augment your research and organization. Whil ...

Five technology-driven ways to get your small business on track this year

June 18, 2011

(ARA) - Despite all the chatter about how the Great Recession is finally over, many small-business owners aren’t feeling it yet. In fact, although the National Federation of Independent Business ( reports that confidence among American business owners reached a three-year high in January, many are still cautious about hiring and spending. And if your business still seems to be on the trailing end of the much-touted recovery, yo ...

Push for science and math education can mean greater rewards for students

June 18, 2011

(ARA) - The message becomes clearer the more it’s repeated: America needs to catch up when it comes to science and math. International student tests have shown that America’s students lag behind their peers in other countries, and many feel that it’s essential to gain ground in those fields if America’s future is truly going to be bright. The Obama administration is leading the charge to emphasize the importance of scienc ...

Unlocking the online and mobile secrets to home buying and selling

June 18, 2011

(ARA) - High-tech know-how can help you find a house or get rid of one. "The last five years have seen a massive shift in consumer behavior, which has driven Realtors and other real estate professionals to embrace websites, social media and online videos," says Mark Flavin, director of information technology at Bay East Association of Realtors in Pleasanton, Calif., and winner of a 2010 Realtor Technology Spotlight Award. While onlin ...

Top Three TriCities

Here are the top three tricities with the most providers available.

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Midland, Saginaw, Bay City

  • Wired Internet Providers (2)

Dover, Somersworth, Rochester

  • Wired Internet Providers (2)

Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings

  • Wired Internet Providers (2)

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