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5 tips for spring cleaning your personal technology

April 2, 2021

People typically think of spring cleaning as a time to polish up their homes. However, spring is also a great time to evaluate if your technology is working for you and make smart choices to set you up for a successful year.Creating a smart home with Alexa and Ring can help make your life simpler, more convenient and give you peace of mind. Here a few tips and tricks for refreshing your technology this spring.1. Adopt the latest & greatest s ...

Virtual is here to stay: 5 creative ways people are connecting in a digital world

March 30, 2021

A year into the pandemic and a virtual lifestyle is the reality for many people. Remote work and online education are just the start — many people have taken a virtual approach to the way they shop, socialize, stay connected with friends and family, and much more. The interesting thing is that research shows this shift is here to stay."Working remotely has accelerated the use of video meeting platforms that keep us connected, whether that' ...

Good gaming? Yes, video games can have positive effects for kids and adults

March 26, 2021

Remote work, virtual education, quarantine, social distancing — COVID-19 is causing people to spend more time at home. If you're like many people you've been spending some of the extra time indulging in favorite hobbies such as gaming. Should you feel guilty? Probably not.Studies show that video games can have numerous positive effects for children and adults. While specific benefits will vary depending on the game being played, video game ...

As healthcare evolves, is your doctor ready?

March 19, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how people think about healthcare. Interacting with your doctor has never been more critical, but now some or all those interactions might occur online. The ability to make appointments online and see your physician without leaving home has benefits. In fact, Chilmark Research estimates that by 2025, 15 to 25 percent of all primary care visits will be conducted virtually in the United States. As telehealth use grows ...

Take control of your financial future while managing pandemic challenges

March 10, 2021

A year into the pandemic, many people have experienced changes in how they manage their money. With different spending needs and, in some cases, changes in income, the ways we balance budgets, save and monitor credit have become top of mind.“No matter where you are financially, budgeting and saving are two key habits that can help all of us bounce back from life’s unexpected moments,” said Lawrence Bailey, head of financial hea ...

Top Three TriCities

Here are the top three tricities with the most providers available.

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Midland, Saginaw, Bay City

  • Wired Internet Providers (2)

Dover, Somersworth, Rochester

  • Wired Internet Providers (2)

Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings

  • Wired Internet Providers (2)

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