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Mac 7.5 - 9.0 Internet Setup

Sep 18 2010

TCP/IP Configuration

From the Apple menu, click Control Panels, and choose TCP/IP.

Click the arrow box on the Connect via drop-down list and choose PPP or FreePPP (depending on your dialer).

Click the arrow box on the Configure drop-down list and choose Using PPP Server.

In the Name Server addr field, type the correct number

Press the Return key on your keyboard

In the Name Server Addr field, type the backup number

From the File menu, choose Quit

Click the Save button.

STEP 2 - Remote Access Configuration

Go to the Apple menu, select Control Panel, then select Remote Access

Select Registered User

Type in your username

Type in your password

Check the box that says Save password

In the Number field, type in the access number you'd like to use (We recommend that you check with your local operator to make sure that the local access number is not a toll charge.) Check for a local number

Click the Options button

Click the Redialing tab

Position the mouse arrow in the Redial field and choose

"Redial main number only"

Click the Connection tab (All options on this page are optional).

Click the Protocol tab

In the Use Protocol: field choose PPP from the pop-down window.

Check "Allow error correction and compression in modem"

Check "Use TCP header compression"

Click OK

Click the Connect button in the lower right corner of the Remote Access control panel window. Once connected, the Connect button will change to Disconnect.

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Domain Availbility Checker

Check for the ability to register a domain you are interested in. Type in the domain without the suffix, select the tld and press the button.